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Web Portal Development

    Web portal development implies engineering access to a variety of data and services via a single web interface. Archie has covered end-to-end portal implementation services for different purposes (B2C, B2B, B2E, and community communications) and industries.


Either for selling consumer goods or providing services, a self-service portal comes as just the right tool for establishing long-term relations with customers. Taking usability parameters (navigation, response time, credibility, reliability, and content) as a minimum requirement, we ensure your portal’s convenience in a range of functions:

  • advanced order placement (e.g. custom services created with user participation)

  • order and service management (e.g. (de)activating a service)

  • wide choice of secure payment options

  • announcements about service provision changes

  • personalized recommendations

  • account, purchase and payment history review

  • reporting and statistics, and more

B2B customer portal

Only by providing comprehensive customer self-service, a B2B customer portal will fuel customer satisfaction, streamline online sales and save costs. Therefore, our B2B portals include powerful tools for every member of a customer’s buying center (allowing multiple logins for each company), in order for

  • End customers’ purchasing managers to place, track orders, manage services, report satisfaction

  • End customers’ technical specialists to access your guides and other technical resources, report problems and get help

  • End customers’ financial managers to check balance, statuses of invoices and payments, etc.

Besides, aimed at tight cooperation, a B2B portal will provide extensive functionality to help you beat the competition:

  • Automated price calculation depending on volume, promotions and delivery deadline

  • Easy (re)ordering tools, customized product descriptions and product comparisons

  • Customer account-based content personalization, etc.

Partner portal

Created to empower partners, achieve competitive advantages and boost sales, 80% of partner portals end up unpopular with the channel partners. We know how to reverse this trend and are ready to nurture the partner portal till it starts engaging users.

We believe, a partner portal should become a daily tool for the partner’s entire staff, not just for a single vendor manager. This way, a vendor gains from direct information exchange with the partner’s personnel, no need for the constant involvement of a vendor manager. What is more, the circle of positively biased partner’s employees becomes wider.

When done right, your partner portal can win those who influence the end customer’s buying decision (e.g. a partner’s salespeople), just providing tools and informative resources to easily offer your products. Configurators, calculators, inventory, order status checking, customization tools and metrics - let our experts take care of all the partner portal’s functionality for you to enhance partnership with two-way e-communication.

Vendor portal

A vendor portal is a collaborative platform for direct information exchange with your vendors (including in real time). To encourage vendor self-service and hence reduce your vendor management overload and operating costs, our portals support:

  • role-based access control

  • information and verifications’ submission, as well as profile details’ updates by vendors

  • search for and on-portal acceptance of open purchase orders (POs)

  • delivery dates setup and updates

  • claims settlement

  • direct electronic invoice submission

  • inquiries about payments and invoice statuses

  • statistics about previous purchases and supplies, etc.

With a vendor portal, all the necessary vendor information is quickly available for all departments involved. As the company and the vendors together gain from saving time and effort, a vendor portal is a win-win collaboration solution for both of you.

Learning portal

We know how to design a learning portal in the best interest of training providers and customers, be they businesses or individual learners. The portals delivered by our team allow:

  • Training providers to facilitate the administration of trainings, manage the client base and efficiently deliver the learning materials

  • Business customers to connect with training providers, get access to courses, allocate individualized training plans to employees and monitor their progress

These are just a few examples out of an extensive functionality that is packed in a responsive design to let our educational portals provide the true learning experience.


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